Why is Physical Security so important ?

Why is Physical Security so important ?

Physical security protects individuals, property, and assets from events that could cause harm, theft or perform malicious act. Just like cybersecurity, physical security is equally important – the developing technologies like artificial intelligence (AI) and the internet of things (IoT) are now more firmly associated, hence the security departments are required to align physical security and information technology for a smart generation workflow process.

Importance of Physical Security

Physical security is extremely important as it manages the end to end access of your offices, individuals and resources protecting it from true dangers like intrusion, physical deterrence and helps you take an action immediately.

The term Physical Security is classically applied to keep individuals – regardless of whether an outsider or insider from accessing certain areas. Restricting people out of your Headquarters, locations with sensitive work, sneaking into secure data centers, steal or damage important IT assets. While the outer perimeter controls external threats, physical security management controls and reduces inside threats and continually flag unusual activities.

How to to manage Physical Security and Identity Management ?

PSIM constitutes of two major solutions that are Access Control and Video Surveillance.

Access control incorporates a wide range that includes basic barriers to more sophisticated things such as Keypad, ID card or biometrically-restricted doors. The principal line of safeguard is simply the structure – the entryways wall, entryways, gates, doors, windows. Locking these, adding impediments like security fencing, cautioning signage, and noticeable gatekeepers will put off most easy-going endeavors on your areas. Biometric security is additionally a typical choice to get the two offices and gadgets. In principle our interesting body identifiers – regardless of whether finger impression, iris, face or even your heartbeat – are more earnestly to take or phony than any cards.

Video Surveillance includes everything from guards on patrol, burglar alarms and CCTV to sound and movement sensors and keeping a log of who went where. At more high-risk locations, companies can deploy far more sophisticated detectors such as proximity, infrared, image, optical, temperature, smoke and pressure sensors to maintain a holistic view of their facilities.

These are best practices that can be applied in all cases to guarantee a thorough physical security structure

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