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IDZONE specializes in physical security and cloud-based access control services. Therefore, we deliver high performance, security software solutions.

Our product line-up consists of –

  • IDCUBE Access360 – A complete cloud-based service-oriented security solution
  • Access Control – A cloud-based access control security solution
  • Video Management & Analytics – Aperture, cloud-based video management, and analytics service
  • Visitor Management – IDCUBE ezVISIT, improve visitor experience and manage them without issues
  • Vehicle Access Management – VAM, a complete vehicle monitoring, and management solution
  • Elevator Access Management – IDCUBE ELEVATE, a centralized elevator management solution
  • Cafeteria Management – SmartCHOICE, a cashless ecosystem for your cafeteria

We also provide solutions for –

  • Oil Extraction and Refineries
  • Critical Infrastructure
  • IT/ITIS/ITES/BPO Industries
  • Gated Community

For more information on our products and services, visit our product page.

The key differentiators of IDZONE are –

  • We are the sole provider of a comprehensive service-oriented cloud-based physical security suite. Additionally, we provide modules that integrate to provide a Command and Control Center, Visitor Management, Elevator Management, Vehicle Management, Biometric Access, Authentication, CCTV Video Management, Video Analytics, and ALPR.
  • We provide custom software solutions as per the safety and security requirements of our clients.
  • All our applications and services are cloud-ready. Moreover, they all come with informative dashboards and web widgets that you can host on different cross-team websites for transparency and communication.
  • Our open architecture approach allows you to integrate hardware solutions from different manufactures and does not restrict you to a single provider. Therefore, you can easily upgrade your current security solution – we support all major brands’ hardware.
  • We provide top-end hardware security solutions in the form of Long Range Readers, Access Controllers, Biometric Scanners and Readers, Ultra High-Frequency tags, NVR, and Display Controllers.
  • We offer the most adaptive controller architecture to meet all customer physical security requirements. You can get Edge-POE controllers, 2 to 16 readers-8 door controllers with a master-slave architecture, and UL certified controllers from IDZONE’s catalog of physical security hardware.

Here at IDZONE, we offer these services –

  • Software Customization
  • Training
  • Technical Support
  • Consulting


For more details on the service offerings by IDZONE, please visit our solutions page.

You can call us over at 0506956662 or get detailed information over at

To get technical support from our IDZONE team, generate a support ticket on our web portal, and we’ll automatically assign an expert from our end to keep track and help you out with your ticket. We maintain an SLA when it comes to tickets; therefore, we guarantee that you will receive timely service. If a problem is beyond the scope of the person assigned to you, we will automatically pass it onto senior management. Through this system, we’ve cut down customer waiting time and drastically improved our service quality.

IDCUBE Access360 is a cloud-based, service-oriented physical security solution. It has been designed to meet all physical security and identification needs.

IDCUBE Access360 integrates with a large selection of hardware devices. Moreover, the platform is entirely customizable, and you can incorporate different add-ons and software modules to meet your business requirements.

Our Time and Attendance system makes it easy for HR managers to track employee attendance, overtime, and subsequently calculate salaries and bonuses. Moreover, it dramatically improves the efficiency of employees as it monitors work hours and optimizes them.

With the IDCUBE HRView Time and Attendance System, you get cloud access to all attendance data across the organization. Moreover, it integrates well with IDCUBE Access360 and expands on its physical security and access control capabilities. Additionally, it integrates with IDZONE’s very own IEA.

IDCUBE HRView works with most RFID, pin, and biometric authentication systems. Moreover, it allows you to configure shifts and business rules into the system to automate tracking and calculation.

Therefore, as a Time and Attendance System, IDCUBE HRView handles –

  • Access Management
  • Attendance Management
  • Organization set-up
  • Leave Application and Incentive Management

IDZONE’s Access Management simplifies the lives of your HR managers in managing employee access and shift planning. It comes with various aspects of security management, access control, visitor management, and elevator management. For additional features, you can incorporate different modules to increase the functionality of the access management system.

Security threats in residential areas have been on the rise in recent decades. Therefore, there’s been a calling for better physical security measures. To cater to these needs, IDZONE provides a comprehensive cloud-based service-oriented security suite. IDCUBE iNEST solution is the perfect security solution for residential complexes where personal security is a concern, and a sustainable solution is needed.