We Tackle Every New Project with Clear Design Principles and Innovation

We are dedicated to solving physical security problems across a spectrum of use cases. Therefore, we offer consultancy services and deliver custom-tailored solutions to –

  • System integrators
  • Distributors
  • Original Equipment Manufacturers
  • Third-party consultants

When working with these clients, we’ve customized various services to offer a tailored solution as specified by the project requirements.

Our solutions are based on a design-first process with a particular focus on innovation – we ensure that all we solve problems clearly and that the combined efforts of our product, design, and engineering teams pay off to satisfy client requirements.

Here are the steps in our design-first innovative thinking process –

Each client requires a custom-tailored solution to fit their project’s requirements. To provide this, we pay special attention to all the stakeholders involved and understand the features required.

To understand the physical security requirements of a project, we consult with all the stakeholders involved and ensure that the environment of the security solution is well-mapped. From there, we create a cartograph of the premises and move forward with our designs. Our key to success here is ensuring that our solution fits well within the resource limitations of our clients and achieves their business goals.

At this stage of our process, we go over the cartograph and reports to determine a technically feasible solution to meet your physical security requirements. Here, our focus is to understand and determine the technical possibilities of our physical security solution.

Our team presents a lot of ideas during the technical feasibility stage, however, the budget and business constraints play a major role in determining which of the features go through and are worth developing. In this stage of our design-first thinking process, we solidify ideas within the budget, drop the unfeasible ones, and merge ideas into something doable.

In this stage of the process, our focus is to cement is the affordability of our physical security solution.

Here we combine human resources and economics to answer the following questions. Here, we answer the following questions:

  • Will the resource at the client end be able to easily maintain and troubleshoot the physical security solution?
  • Will the cost of maintaining the solution remain affordable in the long run?

At this stage of our process, we focus on answering these questions and amending our solution accordingly:

  • Will the physical security solution scale with the business?
  • Is the cost of implementing the solution financially feasible?
  • Is the use-site compatible with the proposed solution?

Finally, we concern ourselves with the usability of the solution and associated software. Here, we make decisions on user interface design that the user-on-site can easily navigate through and configure.

Through our design-first process, we are able to make a user-friendly physical security solution that is desirable, technically feasible, and viable to the business in the long run.

We’ll be glad to walk you through our process and design an innovative physical security solution for your business. For more information, consultancy and designs, reach over at