IDCUBE ELEVATE - A reliable elevator access management system

"Visitor Connect If you need to control elevator and floor access for visitors, you can easily integrate IDCUBE ELEVATE with IDCUBE’ ezVISIT in Saudi Arabia."


If you’re looking for a centralized and scalable elevator access management solution in Saudi Arabia, IDCUBE ELEVATE is what you need. At IDZONE, we’ve crafted a reliable, user-friendly, and adaptable elevator management system.

IDCUBE ELEVATE is integrated into our IDCUBE Access360 solution – a complete physical security solution with access control and identity management.

If your business needs a smarter elevator system with authentication and access control, IDCUBE ELEVATE is easy to integrate. Therefore, you can divide different access points to specific employees and customers depending on your needs.

IDCUBE ELEVATE is perfect if you need to manage access in –

  • Apartments
  • Hotels
  • Hospitals
  • Office buildings
  • Mixed-tenant megastructures
  • Factories and Facilities

If you a sophisticated home automation system, video security door, or video management system, you can easily integrate and add IDCUBE ELEVATE on top of your system to manage who uses your elevator, in specific time slots, reserve elevators and get real-time states of the elevator.

You can easily integrate IDCUBE ELEVATE into your conventional elevator network or control system.

Elevator Access Management Architecture

Elevator Access Control Demo


Here’s everything IDCUBE ELEVATE offers –

Scalable, Available, and Reliable

ELEVATE scales to any building size – regardless of if you’ve got a megastructure or small apartment complex, ELEVATE can serve to cater to your needs of an elevator management system. With IDZONE’s very own Intelligent Edge Architecture, the response is quick, fast, and always available. Therefore, for a completely scalable and reliable elevator access control system, get ELEVATE.

Time-Based Elevator Access

You can configure ELEVATE to only allow access to certain floors for specified time intervals – therefore, a person who’s in for a short visit cannot overstay their welcome and will have to leave before their time is up.

Visitor Connect

If you need to control elevator and floor access for visitors, you can easily integrate IDCUBE ELEVATE with IDCUBE’ ezVISIT. Together, you can use these tools to control where your visitors can go while they visit your premises and ensure that they do not stay beyond their welcome with time-based access control.

Building Management System Integration

Due to our Service Oriented Architecture, you can easily integrate IDCUBE ELEVATE with a complete Building Management Solution through relay contacts, command terminals, or other web-services.

Configure and Restrict Floor Access

Easily design and employ floor-specific security policies to manage access control right from your elevator. Additionally, you can monitor floor occupancy, engagement, and restrict floor access based on user clearance, time reservations, and engagement status. Additionally, you can setup free-access rooms where anyone can access at any time, such as car parking lots, reception, and cafeterias.
With IDCUBE ELEVATE, you can keep people out of specific areas outside of business hours.

Authentication Versatility

IDCUBE ELEVATE supports all major authentication and identification protocols, including –

  • HID Proximity authentication
  • iClass authentication
  • SEOS authentication
  • Mifare authentication
  • Desfire authentication
  • Mobile SIO authentication
  • Biometrics authentication
  • PIN pad or keypad combination

Elevator Segregation and Management

You can easily segregate certain elevators in your building and assign them to certain user classes. For example, if you run a hotel, employees and workers will not be able to use elevators assigned to guests and vice versa. This makes it easier to segregate and manage elevator traffic in your building.

Real-time Reports and Dashboards

IDCUBE ELEVATE comes with a fully-customizable dashboard and reporting system. Therefore, you can produce custom-tailored audit reports to meet compliance requirements. Moreover, with a real-time dashboard, you can stay up to date on the latest usage statistics and patterns of your elevator system. Together, monitor, control, manage, and optimize elevator usage in your building or facility.

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