Software Customization

Software Customization

IDZONE is dedicated to providing the best physical access control security solutions in Saudi Arabia – we offer customized physical security and software solutions for on-premises devices derived from your specifications.

We’re dedicated to quality service and are certified providers of physical security services.

You can avail our technologies for both on-premises devices, or have them hosted through our services on the cloud.

Our company thrives on Service-Oriented-Architecture Software solutions, including top physical security platforms such as IDCUBE Access360 and IDCUBE iNEST. This allows us to innovate and deliver custom-tailored security solutions to our clients based on the services they need for top-notch physical security. Our hosted platforms and services include:

  • Workflow management
  • Reporting tools and software
  • Informative dashboards
  • Micromanagement widgets
  • Integration with other third-party services

Our dedicated staff of engineers and technical experts makes it possible to build a comprehensive physical security system combining state of the art technologies such as electronic access control systems, logic-level access control, intrusion detection, and sophisticated alarm systems.

With our expertise in the field of physical security and accompanying service software, we’re the top choice in the security industry. We ensure client satisfaction through high-availability services, requirement specification fulfillment, and excellent after-sales support.