Enterprise Access Control System with Time and Attendance Monitoring


IDCUBE HRView is a service-oriented access control system for employee attendance monitoring. You can integrate it with any third-party physical security software from all major manufacturers to provide a comprehensive tracking solution with insightful metrics.
IDCUBE HRView excels in offices spread over multiple geographic locations and can help you monitor, maintain, and record all employee attendances without a fuss – all right from your web browser. Therefore, with IDCUBE HRView, you can keep the entire compliance and HR fronts of your company in sync, reduce workload, and drastically increase efficiency by automating attendance management.

Access Control System Architecture

Time Attendance System Architecture

Features of IDCUBE HRView

Here are some of the key features

Privilege Management

IDCUBE HRView takes into account all business rules and workflow requirements to provide access and authorization to all stakeholders involved, including – employees, staff, contractors, guests, and vendors.
Moreover, with IDCUBE HRView’s integration with Active Directory, you can generate an organogram and provide rights accordingly from the IDCUBE HRView portal.
Integration with Active Directory helps create an ‘Organizational Chart’ for a privilege based access to various forms and features of IDCUBE HRView portal and administrative rights over workforce groups and entities.

Manage and Allocate Shifts

Easily track and assign shifts according to employee and business needs. Additionally, you can seamlessly integrate the shift management system with existing payroll issuing solutions to reduce the overhead of tracking due payments and attendance bonuses.

Multi-Language Support and Business Personalization

HRView supports multiple languages and is customizable to reflect your business identity. Therefore, you can operate on a global scale while supporting a localized user interface to make things easier for your administrators.

Reporting Dashboards and Widgets

HRView lets your prepare customized dashboards and widgets from streamed information. From there, your HR managers can embed the widgets on your company websites or specialize them down to a departmental level for employees of specific designations.


Are you sharing a business space with another company? IDCUBE HRView incorporates a multi-tenant feature to maintain confidentiality between multiple businesses in the same location.

Attendance Regularization

Handle all employee attendance through a single web interface. All employees, including traveling ones, can sign into HRView’s mobile interface, make attendance requests that your HR managers can approve, and synchronize with the main payroll system.

Compliance and Reporting Engine

HRView’s reporting engine provides admins and HR managers with unparalleled flexibility in building and designing reports for compliance and auditing purposes.
Although the engine contains categorical templates designed for industry norms, you can extensively modify them as per your organization’s goals. Finally, the reports the system can atomically download or share the reports through email at pre-defined times.

Cloud-Ready Solution

If you want a handle on the infrastructure, you can host the service yourself. However, our solution is completely cloud-ready, and so you can siphon it off to us to take on the responsibility of providing you with an always available and reliable cloud service for improved efficiency and scalability. Through our cloud service, you can save on costs and avoid spending a fortune on your own IT infrastructure to host HRView and its partner solutions.

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