Visitor Management

IDCUBE ezVISIT is a new age enterprise visitor management system ensuring security, convenience, process automation and compliance. These days convenience is defined by mobility, agility and convergence.

IDCUBE ezVISIT offers intuitive interfaces over a mobile and a web browser for pre-registration of a meeting ranging from a single visitor to a group or large audience at a conference.

The IDCUBE ezVISIT lobby application comes as a self-service kiosk to service visitor with an easy enrollment process for a welcoming user experience.

The systems maps with organizations security processes to enroll various visitors ranging from guests, vendors, contractors, job candidates and more. Each visitor type can have a different process cycle, Inclusive of meeting request, possible approval(s), capturing visitor details at arrival, authorization, notification, badge printing, meeting sign off and check out.

The application seamlessly integrates with LDAP/Active Directory, Mobile Contact List, Third Party Access Control Applications, Email & SMS Gateways, Government watchlist(s), and other enterprise platforms.

Visitor Management Architecture


Here are some of the key features

Visitor Policy Administration

A Central visitor management policy administration for multiple entry points of same premises or for multiple branches across geographies.

Self service kiosk

A self service kiosk enhances the visitor management experience. With IDCUBE ezVISIT, visitors can identify themselves and receive access cards from unmanned kiosks.

Service Oriented Architecture(SOA)

Easy integration with third party access platform. Grant departmental & elevator access permissions to visitors. IDCUBE ezVISIT can be integrated with MS Outlook for raising visitor request & approval tickets.

Record Keeping

IDCUBE ezVISIT facilitates the maintenance of records of visitors, contractors and vendors leveraging IDs, photographs, access rights and access history. These records enable an organization to allow or deny access to anyone based on the information stored in the system.

Visitor Request Web/Mobile Interface

Web/mobile based user interface for employees/residents to send visitor request.

Pass Design

The pass design feature enables users to design visitor pass by specifying size, adding company logo, signatures, identifiers or names of requestor, visitor type and more.

Visitor Lobby Interface

The Lobby application can be configured as either a self-service kiosk interface or an operator driven interface for issuance of visitor passes. The application integrates with plethora of peripheral devices for capturing visitor credentials and assets. The application is highly configurable to map corporate policies for visitor identification, registration, authorization and tracking.

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