Manage and administrate your vendors with ease through SmartCHOICE with IDZONE who is the distributor of this solution in Saudi Arabia. Through SmartCHOICE in Saudi Arabia, everyone can manage their meals and use cashless payment methods. When it comes to large organizations in Saudi Arabia, without a cafeteria management system, chaos ensues during lunch hours.

With SmartCHOICE in your factory or office, incorporate your cafeteria with a cashless ecosystem with easy meal planning and management. In addition to office workplaces, SmartCHOICE is perfect for malls, public areas, food courts, and any organization that runs its own cafeteria and dining lounge. Through SmartCHOICE’s cashless interfaces, you can easily manage what would otherwise be a bustling, busy, and chaotic cafeteria.

Make lunch hours less painful for your HR managers, general employees, food providers, food managers, external customers, and any other stakeholder who wants to have a meal without a fuss. Through SmartCHOICE, everyone can manage their meals and use cashless payment methods.

When it comes to large organizations, without a cafeteria management system, chaos ensues during lunch hours. Therefore, a robust centralized solution is required to manage all the hustle and bustle of a large organization during lunch hours to promote efficient operation and speedier management.

SmartCHOICE is complete with management systems and interfaces for external food vendors, menus, meal plans, and billing features. Moreover, the physical kiosk placed right in your cafeteria will help you control prices, taxes, and the entire billing structure of a well thought out meal.

Keep your employees from standing in line during lunch hours and enable a fast payment system through a kiosk to refill and recharge their smart cards for easy payment.

Cafeteria Management Architecture

SmartCHOICE Feature List

Here are all the benefits you get once you integrate SmartCHOICE into your business’s ecosystem –

Design Your Own Menu and Bill

Allow your external vendors or in-house merchants to customize the menu, set prices, and make their own offerings. From there, you can setup administrators to design and maintain bills for customers.

Web Interface to Generate Expense Reports for Corporate Customers

Keep track of the food expenses of all the employees in your organization using a simple web interface. Moreover, you can easily generate reports and expense summaries.

Self-Service on Location Kiosks

Our kiosks can be mapped to configured to operate with other services for increased usability and cross-functionality, such as –

  • Administration services
  • Card Reader for All Major Providers
  • Simple Bill Printing

Cashless Ecosystem

Using a centralized top-up station, your customers and employees can recharge their food cards using cash or cards. This allows them to interact with the meal kiosks through the food card instead of normal cash – thereby saving time. Moreover, refunds are much simpler in a cashless ecosystem using a single payment method.

Quick and Simple Reporting Interface

Administrative users or managers can get detailed reports on purchases, recharge, and refunds with just a single click.

One System for Multiple Locations

You can access SmartCHOICE from any location and set it up in multiple locations across different facilities, factories, or offices.

Simplified Vendor Management

Manage and administrate your vendors with ease through SmartCHOICE. You can onboard, delist, and manage vendors seamlessly through SmartCHOICE’s interfaces. Additionally, SmartCHOICE allows you to track vendors and generate management reports accordingly.

Easy to Use

SmartCHOICE seamlessly integrates with other access control services thereby allowing your administrators and HR personnel to create a single card for use in both security control and cafeteria management. Other benefits include:

  • Generating vendor-specific sub-menus and categories for better organization
  • Cash management and reconciliation
  • Keyboard and touch screen interface for self-use kiosks
  • Easy printing of tokens

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