Vehicle Access Management Solution


IDCUBE VAM is IDZONE’s answer to a complete vehicle access management system that is both user-friendly and centralized. Our solution ensures that you can efficiently track vehicles coming in and out of your facility and monitor drivers.

VAM is perfect for locations that rely on pre-allocated parking spots, such as in universities, corporate offices, or government organizations. To achieve access control and management, VAM comes equipped with boom barriers, cameras, video management software, and automatic license or number plate recognition. Additionally, VAM supports long-range authentication through RFID controllers and readers. Finally, you can rely on traditional smart cards or bio authentication methods to provide access control.

With VAM, you can –

  • Map vehicles to parking spots
  • Handle vehicle, owner, driver, and helper authentication
  • Optimize space usage in your parking lot
  • Ensure security of all vehicles in the parking lot

Vehicle Access Management Architecture

Features of VAM

The best features of VAM are –

Occupancy Control and Space Optimization

VAM automatically controls parking occupancy according to time-slots and user-roles, thereby allowing you to optimize space usage in your parking lot.

Display for Parking Space Availability

Communicate available parking spaces to your drivers in real-time with VAM. You can place the display in a control room or various locations around your parking lot to ensure every driver has access to the information.

Vehicle Time Tracking

Monitor trips made by contractors in specific vehicles and create bills automatically. This feature is particularly useful in the mining and manufacturing industries where it’s important to monitor vehicle usage and track deliveries.

Easily Scalable and Always Available

VAM expands to support any number of parking spots and checkpoints. Moreover, with high-speed interconnectivity, you can rely on VAM’s decisions and reporting to optimally manage your parking lot even during heavy traffic hours.

Industrial-grade and tamper-proof RFID Tags for Harsh Environments

For businesses requiring durable RFID tag solutions in harsh environments for vehicle tracking, VAM provides industrial-grade RFID tags. Additionally, the tags are tamper-proof and cannot be cloned electronically. Any signs of misuse will permanently prevent the card from working.

License Plate Recognition and Automatic Number Plate Recognition with Video Management

Automatically scan and record number plates to generate alerts for anyone with a black-listed number plate.

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