Terms of Service

Terms of Service

Please read these terms of service carefully. By accessing our site, using our services, or signing up through any of our web portals, you agree to adhere to these terms of service.

IDZONE reserves the right to alter these terms of service at any time. By agreeing to access our portals and browse our site, agree to adhere to the terms of service stated on this page.

Safeguard Your IDZONE Website and Portal Credentials.

The credentials you use to access our web portals belong only to you, and you are to accept responsibility for any use of our portals under your credentials. Therefore, safeguard all credentials you use to access our website, generate support tickets, and log into our web portals.


If IDZONE detects any violation of the terms of service, IDZONE reserves the right to terminate your account or rescind your credentials to prevent you from accessing our website and portals. Moreover, IDZONE reserves the right to discontinue portal and website service or change portal and website service at any time without prior notice.

Privacy Policy

IDZONE ensures the privacy of all its customers. These TOS uphold the values stated in our Privacy Policy. Please note that you can find and learn more about our privacy policies on our Privacy Policy page.

Proprietary Rights

IDZONE and its licensors own the rights and titles on this website’s content, including information, content, text, graphics, and other intellectual material. Therefore, you are not allowed to reproduce, modify, or derive other works from IDZONE’s website and distribute, sell, publically display or transmit any portion of your site or content without explicit permission from IDZONE. Furthermore, you cannot use the web site or portal in conjunction with other websites or portals for any purpose.


The IDZONE logo, visuals, graphics, content, and all associated intellectual property that appear throughout our website and portals are the property of IDZONE.

Other trademarks, device and software identities, service trademarks, and business logos appearing on the IDZONE website or web portal are their respective owners’ properties. Therefore, you cannot use any logos, brands, product names, and service names that appear on this website without explicit permission from the owner, along with written consent. A violation will result in legal action.

User Conduct

All users accessing our website or web portal should adhere to and not perform the following actions –

  1. Do not interfere or disrupt the regular operation of the systems and networks connected to the website and portal.
  2. Do not attempt to circumvent security on any part of the web site or web portal.
  3. Do not attempt to probe, scan, or test any vulnerabilities of the website, portal, connected networks, or systems.
  4. Do not disassemble, decompile or reverse engineer any software provided through IDZONE or the IDZONE website itself.
  5. Do not attempt to hijack other user’s information and store them on an external network.
  6. Do not forge information shared with us through the web portal or attempt to falsify identification information.
  7. Do not upload, post, or email any files, information, or content that contains viruses or harmful computer code that might disrupt any computer, software, hardware, or system.

Should any violations occur, IDZONE reserves the right to investigate and subsequently take legal action to the full extent of the law. Moreover, IDZONE may involve corporate law enforcement authorities to prosecute those in violation of our TOS.

Linking to Third-Party Websites    

The IDZONE website and web portals host backlinks to third-party vendors and websites. The inclusion of these backlinks does not constitute or infer that IDZONE endorses, recommends, or is affiliated with the linked content in any way. Therefore, choosing to browse the links and visit them falls under the sole jurisdiction of the user.


IDZONE may provide early notices for significant changes to the website or web portal through email or posts on the website and web portal.


These TOS encompass the entirety of your agreement with IDZONE and the use of our websites and web portals. Moreover, these conditions supersede all prior agreements and documentation between you and IDZONE regarding the website and portal usage.

If you have any further inquiries about IDZONE’s terms of service and require further clarification, reach out to info@idzone.com.sa.