Visitor Management System for Modern Businesses

Visitor Management System for Modern Businesses

We provide ezVISIT from IDCUBE, a cutting-edge enterprise visitor management solution that guarantees security, comfort, process automation, and compliance. It provides user-friendly interfaces for pre-registering a meeting, from a single visitor to a group or huge audience at a conference, using a mobile and a web browser. As a self-service kiosk, the IDCUBE ezVISIT lobby application offers visitors a simple enrollment process and a warm user experience.

The systems maps with organizations security processes to enroll various visitors ranging from guests, vendors, contractors, job candidates and more. Each visitor type can have a different process cycle, Inclusive of meeting request, possible approval(s), capturing visitor details at arrival, authorization, notification, badge printing, meeting sign off and check out.

Offers made by ezVISIT

  • Access through smartcard, PIN, QR code, signature pad, and pass printer are examples of peripheral devices.
  • Using artificial intelligence to take pictures
  • SMS and email notifications via the visitor lobby interface
  • Contractor Pass Administration
  • Join now Cloud interface-SOA Architecture for Visitor, Vehicle, and Asset Mobile App, Online, and Visitor Lobby Interface
  • Prearranged Visitor

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