The MorphoWave™ series provides frictionless access everywhere.

The MorphoWave™ series provides frictionless access everywhere.

Organizations want effective, quick, and convenient access control solutions to safeguard their property. A contactless fingerprint scanner offers the best solution in settings with high throughput. Via a fully touchless hand wave gesture, IDEMIA’s MorphoWave™ contactless fingerprint solution scans and validates 4 fingerprints in less than 1 second.

The MorphoWave™ contactless fingerprint scanner comes in two variations:

MorphoWave™ XP is an eXtended Performance biometric scanner for the most demanding projects. It can process up to 100K user records in 1:n mode and up to 60 users per minute. It also has a big colour tactile screen for user interaction.

MorphoWave™ SP combines the core components of MorphoWave technology with a Simplified Profile that can hold up to 10K user records and a streamlined user interface using colorful LED indicators.

These two ergonomic biometric readers are equipped with IDEMIA’s most recent advancements in artificial intelligence technology, which enable them to function effectively with dirty or damaged fingerprints as well as damp or dry palms. In addition, HID Prox, iClass, MIFARE, DESFire, and mobile access control systems are natively supported by the card reader of MorphoWave™. For guest management, it can also scan printed QR codes.

The industry standard in frictionless access control, MorphoWave™ technology has already been integrated with more than 25 of the top access control systems. The most important infrastructure facilities, colleges, healthcare organizations, and the largest financial institutions in the world all safeguard high-traffic access points with this cutting-edge fingerprint solution portfolio.

  • Simplicity and security – A simple hand wave is all it takes to positively identify a user. In order to provide the highest level of security, the unique contactless fingerprint sensor technology scans four fingerprints in 3D.
  • Flexible and simple deployment – The MorphoWave™ biometric readers guarantee an easy deployment for frictionless access control at every site because they are IP65 rated and powered via the Ethernet (PoE+).
  • High throughput – During peak hours, the ability to skip lines and increase user convenience thanks to this fingerprint solution range’s unmatched throughput is extremely significant.

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