Utilizing HRVIEW, manage access controls and attendance

Utilizing HRVIEW, manage access controls and attendance

For enterprise access control and attendance management, HRVIEW is an Open Platform application that connects with top-tier security platforms from international manufacturers. HRView stands out since it is both a global time attendance management solution and an access control software for all organisations. It synchronises procedures in geographically dispersed offices of international organisations. All users of the software can readily access it using a web-based interface, making use, monitoring, and management simple. Business can continue as usual with only a PC running a browser connected to the Internet.


  • In order to issue access rights and credentials to diverse groups of the work force, including employees, contractors, vendors, and visitors, HRView replicates all pertinent business rules and procedures. The creation of a “Organizational Chart” through integration with Active Directory enables privilege-based access to the HRView portal’s numerous forms and capabilities as well as administrative control over workforce groups and entities.
  • With HRView, managing shifts of any form is simple. It can be used to design, track, and manage shifts of any kind. You may manage and track attendance for weekly shifts, night shifts, automatic shifts, and flexible shifts. Attendance during these shifts can be connected to payroll processing systems and human resource management systems thanks to HRView’s enterprise-wide connectivity capabilities.
  • As a result of the application’s multilingual capability, transnational companies can utilise a worldwide platform while still having a localised user interface. The portal can also be further tailored to a company’s identity.
  • Using “website Embeddable widgets,” HRView enables you to create dashboards that are shared and can be customised. Multiple stakeholders can access the dashboards within the enterprise. Websites may include the chosen widgets. According to departments and titles, the dashboards can be modified.
  • Construct a facility with a mix of public and private spaces, like a business park, a mall, or a special economic zone. Information is kept completely private between business entities.
  • Employees who are on the go can submit “on-duty requests” via the web-based or mobile interface for HRView. HRView fully integrates approvals, future attendance regularisation, and synchronisation with leave and payment software modules.
  • The HRView reporting engine gives security administrators, HR managers, and Team Coordinators a limitless amount of freedom to design and create reporting templates in accordance with organisational audit & compliance demands.
  • The engine has several reporting categories, and each category has a number of prepared templates that follow standard business practises. Field selection, ordering, nomenclature, data formatting, data grouping, and other aspects of the templates are all modifiable. The reports’ generation cycle can be properly defined, and they can be set up as downloads or distributed through email.
  • For increased effectiveness, dependability, and scalability, the programme may be hosted or made available as a cloud service. In terms of IT cost savings, managed service platforms are far superior to internal IT infrastructure in terms of reliability and consistency.

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