The Most Effective Face Recognition Terminal – Suprema [FaceStation 2]

The Most Effective Face Recognition Terminal – Suprema [FaceStation 2]

The Suprema FaceStation 2 is the most sophisticated facial recognition terminal, offering a wealth of the best capabilities available. FaceStation 2 provides unmatched matching speed, precision, and level of security thanks to Suprema’s most recent advancement in face biometrics. FaceStation 2’s working illuminance of up to 25,000 lx is made possible by Suprema’s proprietary optic engineering, which promotes overall confidence in all lighting situations. FaceStation 2 offers great performance and usability for various access control and time attendance sites, regardless of their size or complexity, thanks to its ergonomic design.


1) Rapid Face Matching

FaceStation 2 offers the quickest matching speed in the world, up to 4,000 match/sec, thanks to Suprema’s most recent facial recognition algorithm and an industry-leading 1.4 GHz quad-core CPU.

2) Significant Memory Capacity

The biggest number of users in its class can be managed by FaceStation 2’s enormous memory capacity. FaceStation 2 terminals can hold up to 30,000 users, 50,000 face image logs, and 5,000,000 text logs simultaneously.

3) Assurance in Every Lighting Situation

FaceStation 2 now reaches operating illuminance of up to 25,000 lx, about 5 times brighter than industry average, thanks to Suprema’s proprietary IR illumination and optical method. FaceStation 2’s 25,000 lx brightness enables continuous face identification under all lighting conditions, excluding direct sunlight.

4) Enhanced Ergonomics for the Widest Height Spectrum

The greatest height range of 145 cm-210 cm is supported by FaceStation 2. FaceStation 2 accommodates wheelchair users and kids with an optional tilt-bracket.

5) An intuitive GUI built on Android

FaceStation 2 features the most user-friendly graphic user interface in the business on its large touchscreen LCD. FaceStation 2 has the newest material design concept thanks to the most recent Android 5.0 OS, making it incredibly simple to use for both users and system administrators.

6) Temperature Monitoring

Suprema Thermal Camera can be used with FaceStation 2 to detect people with hot skin. Those crossing the access point are measured for skin temperature by the FaceStation 2 with Suprema Thermal Camera, which restricts entry for users whose temperatures are higher than the set threshold. It has a simple USB connection that enables speedy deployment.

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