Smart Elevator Access Management

Smart Elevator Access Management

Have you heard about Elevator Access Management System?  IDCUBE’s ELEVATE is a smart solution that helps you manage access to authorized floor for authorized employees or people only. You can integrate this in Residential societies, Health-care Business, Hotels, Corporate Industries. It is a reliable, user-friendly and versatile elevator management system.

Elevator Access Management Architecture

·        Web based enrollment, access management and architecture

·        Third party home automation services (optional integrated)

·        Master controller

·        Reader interface – (Card & Pun reader)

·        Output interface – (elevator control panel)

Features of IDCUBE ELEVATE Solution:

1.      Scalable available, and reliable.

2.      Time based elevator Access.

3.      Visitor Connect.

4.      Building Management system integration.

5.      Configure and restrict floor access.

6.      Authentication Versatility.

7.      Elevator Segregation and management.

8.      Real time Report and dashboards.

IDCUBE ELEVATE provides complete access control management to its customer through various innovations and technology.

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