Menu and Bills with a Twist of Technology

Menu and Bills with a Twist of Technology

SmartCHOICE is finished with the executive’s frameworks and connection points for outer food merchants, menus, dinner plans, and charging highlights. Besides, the actual stand set squarely in your cafeteria will assist you with controlling costs, charges, and the whole charging design of a thoroughly examined feast.

With SmartCHOICE in your factory or office, incorporate your cafeteria with a cashless ecosystem with easy meal planning and management. SmartCHOICE is ideally suited for shopping centre’s, public regions, food courts, and any association that runs its own cafeteria and eating lounge. Through SmartCHOICE’s credit only points of interaction, you can without much of a stretch oversee what might somehow be a clamoring, occupied, and chaotic cafeteria..

SmartCHOICE Feature List

  • Design Your Own Menu and Bill.
  • Web Interface to Generate Expense Reports for Corporate Customers.
  • Self-Service on Location Kiosks.
  • Cashless Ecosystem.
  • Quick and Simple Reporting Interface.
  • One System for Multiple Locations.
  • Simplified Vendor Management.
  • Easy to Use.

Keep your employees from standing in line during lunch hours and enable a fast payment system through a kiosk to refill and recharge their smart cards for easy payment.

 Integrate SmartCHOICE into your business, contact our experts at IDZONE Saudi Arabia.

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