Make Smarter Spaces with IDCUBE’s iNest

Make Smarter Spaces with IDCUBE’s iNest

 IDCUBE’s iNest is a cloud-based solution, that guarantees actual security and access control framework is generally accessible and is less expensive to keep up with than facilitating your own IT foundation. Notwithstanding the lower cost of actual equipment, you will require less on location staff to make due, investigate, and keep up with your foundation. It offers an adaptable and vigorous strategy making it the multi-passageway. That is, you have some control over access in different areas from a solitary connection point, in this way tackling the issue of a concentrated admittance the executive’s framework.

For what reason would it be a good idea for you to pick IDCUBE’s iNEST?

  • Express Goodbye to an Expensive IT Infrastructure and Dedicated IT Personnel.
  • Better Data Security, Reliability and Availability
  • Distant Configurability.
  • Less expensive to Maintain and Sustain.
  • Adaptability.


  • Contact less Access and More – Versatile access control with similarity to all types of qualifications.
  • Time and Attendance – Attendance answers for both on location and off-site workers.
  • Versatility – Smart applications for whenever, anyplace access.
  • Guest Management – Seamless guest access with e-guest passes.
  • Security and Reliability – End-to-end encryption with 24*7 uptime.
  • Cost-effectiveness – Cost improvement and versatility with cloud foundation.

This cloud-based solution is all around outlined for its strong arrangement the executives at Gated Communities, Business Parks, Co-Working Spaces, Retail Chains, and so on in Saudi Arabia.

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