HRVIEW’s Access Control and Attendance Management

HRVIEW’s Access Control and Attendance Management

For enterprise access control and attendance management, HRVIEW is an Open Platform application that connects with top-tier security platforms from international manufacturers. HRView stands out since it is both a global time attendance management solution and an access control software for all organisations. It synchronises procedures in geographically dispersed offices of international organisations. All users of the software can readily access it using a web-based interface, making use, monitoring, and management simple. Business can continue as usual with only a PC running a browser connected to the Internet.

A service-oriented access control system for tracking employee attendance is IDCUBE HRView. It can be integrated with any physical security software from a third party made by any major manufacturer to offer a complete tracking solution with useful metrics.

IDCUBE HRView shines in offices with many locations and can easily assist you in keeping track of, maintaining, and recording all employee attendance — all from your web browser. Therefore, by automating attendance management, IDCUBE HRView allows you to maintain alignment between the whole compliance and HR fronts of your business, minimise workload, and significantly boost efficiency.

Aspects of HRView :-

Cloud-Ready Solution – You can host the service yourself if you wish to have control over the infrastructure. But because our solution is fully cloud-ready, you can hand it over to us and let us handle the burden of giving you a dependable, always-on cloud service for increased productivity and scalability. You may save money and avoid shelling out a fortune for your own IT infrastructure to host HRView and its partner products by using our cloud service.

Engine for Compliance and Reporting – HRView’s reporting engine offers administrators and HR managers an unmatched degree of flexibility when creating and developing reports for compliance and auditing needs. Although the engine includes categorization templates created for industry standards, you can greatly alter them to meet the objectives of your firm. Finally, the system has the ability to atomically download or email reports at predetermined intervals.

Regularizing attendance – Control all staff attendance from a single web interface. All staff members, including those on the go, may log in to HRView’s mobile interface, submit attendance requests for your HR managers to approve, and sync with your primary payroll software.

Multi-Tenant – Are you co-tenanting with another firm in a commercial space? To guarantee privacy between many firms operating in the same space, IDCUBE HRView has a multi-tenant functionality.

Dashboards and Widgets for Reporting – HRView enables you to create personalised dashboards and widgets using streamed data. From there, your HR managers can integrate the widgets into your corporate websites or departmentalize them for workers with certain job titles.

Support for many languages and business personalization – HRView is personalizable to fit your company’s brand and supports a variety of languages. In order to make things simpler for your administrators, you can operate on a global scale while maintaining a localised user experience.

Privilege Management – IDCUBE HRView considers all business rules and workflow needs to grant access and authorization to all relevant parties, including – employees, staff, contractors, guests, and vendors. Additionally, thanks to the connection of IDCUBE HRView with Active Directory, you may create an organogram and provide rights in accordance with it via the IDCUBE HRView site. The creation of a “Organizational Chart” through integration with Active Directory enables privilege-based access to the portal’s numerous forms and capabilities as well as administrative control over workforce groups and entities.

Organize and assign shifts – Easily manage and assign shifts in accordance with employee and corporate requirements. The shift management system can be smoothly integrated with current payroll issuing solutions to lower the administrative burden of keeping track of overdue payments and attendance bonuses.

Contact IDZONE for more information on how HRView can effortlessly keep all access management regulations & compliances in sync.

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