How Does a Vehicle Access Management System Help?

How Does a Vehicle Access Management System Help?

To manage the organization of vehicle access specified areas such as boom barriers/bollards and slam gates, use the Venture Vehicle Access Management System. UHF technology considers viewing distances of a few meters. This system maintains the essential level of security nearby while allowing customers to enter the gotten area without using their hands or pausing for ID label verification. The “VAM” framework, which is offered by IDZONE, is integrated, focused, and simple to use. It has good driver and vehicle tracking capabilities.

VAM is designed to meet the needs of workplaces where a specific number of leaving bayous are set aside to only allow the parking of pre-identified vehicles in certain locations, such as IT leaves, corporate offices, Sez’s, Psu’s, management associations, colleges, and so on. To provide hassle-free transportation for the executives, it is coordinated with entrance mechanization hardware such as Boom Barriers, CCTVs, Video Management, License Plate Recognition (LPR)/Automatic Number Plate (ANPR), RFID Controllers, RFID Long Range Readers, specific windshield long reach labels, cunning cards, and biometrics.

Vehicle access management solution characteristics:

  • VAM automatically manages to stop habitation in accordance with time allotments and client jobs, enabling you to maximize space utilization in your parking area.
  • Confer available parking spaces to your drivers logically with VAM. You can place the show in a control room or various regions around your stopping region to ensure every driver moves toward the information.
  • Screen trips made by laborers for enlisting in unambiguous vehicles and make charges thusly. This part is particularly important in the mining and gathering ventures where checking vehicle use and track conveyances is huge.
  • VAM reaches out to help with many parking spots and assigned spots. Furthermore, with high-speed interconnectivity, you can rely upon VAM’s decisions and pay all due respects to a perfect world arrangement with your stopping region regardless, during significant traffic hours.
  • Subsequently, result and record number plates to deliver alerts for anyone with a boycotted number plate.
  • Modern grade and sealed RFID Labels for Brutal Conditions

Contact IDZONE Systems, Saudi Arabia to arrange and incorporate a Vehicle Access Management Solution.

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