Enhancing Visibility & Gathering Useful Business Intelligence Through Video Surveillance

Enhancing Visibility & Gathering Useful Business Intelligence Through Video Surveillance

To maintain the physical health of your employees and your property, video surveillance is a must. Regardless of whether they are used for commercial or household purposes, CCTVs are not only simple to maintain but also constantly watch even when no one is there to see. It is more affordable than many other security systems and lowers the need for additional security team personnel. While there are many advantages to monitoring, before establishing a framework, one must be aware of the applicable regulations in their state and country to prevent any form of privacy infractions.

The security levels for both you and your businesses are raised by video surveillance. You may access real-time status, reports, and live recordings from anywhere with the help of IDZONE System’s surveillance solution. Experts claim that real-time CCTV monitoring alone can prevent roughly 67 percent of illegal events from taking place in organisations.

Video surveillance’s importance:-

1. Scalable and Cost-Effective – Video surveillance is easy to use and practical. Comparing the cost-effectiveness of adding additional cameras to an existing network as your company expands versus hiring security personnel for strategic locations.

2. Effective Monitoring – When installed conspicuously, surveillance cameras provide a record of all activity, ensure that everyone who enters the building is observed and covered, and record their movements on camera. The team can quickly take control of the situation thanks to officials watching these locations being alerted to an entry.

3. Customer and employee well-being – A security system with cameras shows your customers that you are concerned about their safety and security and might enhance their perception of your company as a whole.

4. Continuous real-time monitoring with real-time information is made possible by IP remote surveillance, which enables authorised employees to continuously monitor key business areas from virtually anywhere.

5. Prevent and Decrease the Chances of Theft – CCTV cameras positioned in key areas can deter employees and burglars from carrying out their nefarious plans, creating a much more secure environment.

6. Reduces Sexual Harassment – When one is aware that someone is always looking, such unacceptable behaviours can be stopped. In the event of litigation, CCTV footage also aids in formulating the proper defence and identifies the wrongdoer. Not only does it cover the neighbouring surroundings, but it is also useless for your organisation.

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