BioStation 3 The Experience of the New Door Access

BioStation 3 The Experience of the New Door Access

By offering a new door access experience that provides increased security across all doors, for enterprises of all sizes, BioStation 3 establishes a new benchmark in access control. Despite being smaller than the previous generation, this terminal boasts the most functionality. BioStation 3 makes it simpler than ever to safely, securely, and conveniently safeguard an organization’s physical security as well as users’ personal information thanks to its extremely advanced facial recognition, access credentials, and usability features.

A variety of contactless access methods –

A variety of certification choices are available in BioStation 3. Select from the easiest identification techniques, all of which are contactless and entirely appropriate for a post-pandemic society.

Perfect for Any Business, Any Door –

From little offices to big corporate structures, BioStation 3 is simple to scale and install in any setting. Compared to FaceStation F2, Suprema’s previous top-selling face recognition terminal, it is 47% smaller.

Fast and Smart AI Designed for Facial Recognition Access –

Suprema advanced its facial recognition technology. An advanced edge device called BioStation 3 can execute local AI algorithms. It optimizes the functionality of its AI engine using an NPU, or neural processing unit. The NPU-optimized AI algorithm in BioStation 3 provides the highest standards in facial recognition accuracy and speed when combined with Suprema’s subject expertise and experience as a two-decade access control leader.

Most Strict Privacy Protection –

BioStation 3 takes the security of user data extremely seriously.

• Designed to comply with GDPR, one of the strictest privacy regulations;

• ISO/IEC 27001 certified to protect the privacy and biometric data;

• Embedded with Secure Element (SE) to thwart cyber-attacks;

• Completed penetration testing through a reputable institution;

• Provided with “Face Template on Mobile”* credential

Connect Easily Across All Access Points –

 BioStation 3 allows for integrated management of a whole access control system.

• Use VoIP Intercom to communicate with all doors without any issues.

• Enable RTSP video monitoring (Real Time Streaming Protocol).

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