Benefits of iNest’s cloud-based access control system

Benefits of iNest’s cloud-based access control system

The term “access control” is one that practically everyone has heard of. But before we can comprehend access control and why it is crucial for us, we need to be aware of physical security. By “physical security,” we mean preventing any form of loss or injury to you, your valuable data, or both. It is the defence against threats that might result in loss or damage to any agency, enterprise, or company of a person, data, software, or hardware.

Access control, on the other hand, is a method of selectively restricting a location or resource that manages who has access to the limited location or resource. In the context of physical security, access control is a crucial idea. With the use of an access control solution, authorization is required to access any resource.

IDCUBE is an expert in offering top-notch Access Control solutions. In addition to their hardware components, they also provide a number of software solutions. Door access controls, high-security RFID solutions, video management software, vehicle access management, cafeteria management, elevator access control software, etc. are all included in the package.

Each of these elements, which can be installed on your commercial property anyplace, either separately or in combination, adds an extra layer of security, giving you the peace of mind that your assets, goods, and private information are safe.

The iNest application from IDCUBE offers a complete response to all physical security and identification requirements across numerous sectors. A cloud-based access control system makes it easier to maintain IT infrastructure and is very reliable in terms of data availability. There are a few drawbacks to traditional access control systems compared to cloud-based access control solutions

• Higher expense because IT infrastructure is required;

• Limited number of access points

• The need for maintenance personnel to be present on-site

The advantages of cloud access control over traditional access control methods, however, are: 

Operational flexibility: Using their smartphone, customers of IDCUBE’s iNest system may invite and manage visitors, restrict access, and keep an eye on them at any time and from anywhere. Geotagging is a sophisticated feature of iNest that enables users and staff to submit an on-duty request and thereby assist in monitoring employees while they are at work.

Cost-effectiveness: The INEST greatly reduces hardware requirements, implementation costs, and structural complexity. The services are paid for using a pay-as-you-go (PAYG) payment system and usage-based pricing.

IT infrastructure is not complex: By moving the operational effort to the more effective cloud infrastructure, the iNest solution does away with the requirement for on-site servers.

Data availability and security: Data stored in the cloud is more accessible to end users and more secure.

Scalability: The iNest system is ideally suited for dynamic, rapidly expanding companies including global, multi-tenant, and multi-location corporations. More computing resources are allotted to cloud services as the feature scope extends in terms of more locations, access points, and users to support heavier workloads without completely disrupting or changing the existing infrastructure.

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