Protean VBOX

An independent and configurable IP based controller

To control and regulate vehicle access for parking lots in corporate and residential areas IDZONE’s Protean VBOX was specially designed as an independent IP based controller. For faster plug and play installation, it comes with a pre-built web server.
Whilst installing and controlling conventional Long Range Readers and Wiegand based controllers the system integrators face many problems and to eliminate such problems, we’ve introduced Protean VBOX.


  • Vehicle acquisition and identification is super-fast
  • Secured ASSA and Pre-encoded vehicle tags can be identified and supported
  • IP based 2 Reader Vehicle Access controller
  • Comes with a web server (no additional software installation required)
  • With the web server, Protean VBOX is a smart plug-and-play system
  • Integrated database for reliable backups and restoration
  • Can manage as much as 10000 vehicles and can record 50000 events
  • As many as 2 boom barrier/ 2 traffic signals can be supported
  • A super-fast serial communication interface with IDZONE’s very own IDLR family reader
  • VBOX can real multiple tags and validate them quickly
  • Reports are generated quickly in an easy to consume CSV format that you can send off to your engineers for further analysis or integrate into other analytics systems
  • Vehicles which has multiple UHF RFID tags pasted can be validated properly

VBOX – Architecture